Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Codemaster Institute?
Codemaster Institute is an entrepreneur maker and career accelerator providing face to face web development, coding, and software programming courses. It will help you make a living and thrive in the digital age. Codemaster Institute gets you going in your tech life - faster than you can imagine. Build your career or become an entrepreneur with the help of Codemaster Institute.
What is the difference between Front-end, Back-end and Full Stack Web development?
Front-end Web Development: Front-end is what people see and interact with when on a website or web application. Font-end makes a website look the part and enhance the user experience. Languages often used in front-end are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Back-end Web Development: Back-end is more “behind the scenes” where the server, database and applications communicate with each other on your host site. Languages often used in back-end are PHP, .NET, MySQL, and more.
Full Stack Web Development: Yes, you guessed it; full stack is the combination of front-end and back-end development – pretty much an all-rounder. A full stack web developer can code a full web application.
What is the difference between full-time, part-time and on-demand? (Can I work at the same time?)
Full-time courses generally run for a couple of weeks from 10am to 5pm over a few consecutive days (usually Monday to Friday) - in a classroom.
Part-time courses usually have lectures twice a week - 4 hours per week in a class room and weekly 1 hour live online tutorial sessions with a live lecturer. Usually these hours are afterhours - you can easily do this in your spare time.
On-demand courses are available to you immediately, with access to all course material, and lectures - in the comfort of your own home. Some courses also have a live tutor that you can book limited one on one live sessions with!
Do I have to be good at math to do coding?
This myth has been busted. Coding is about using computer language to create beautiful website “stories”, to entertain and wow users, or to solve logical problems using step by step algorithms. You generally don’t need math to design front end websites, or use algorithms for back-end programming.
How much prior knowledge is required? What is the Entry Level?
It depends on the course you pick. Most Codemaster Institute courses are for beginners. There are some courses (like the back-end course) that require prior study, or at least some basic coding knowledge. However, we make sure no one is left behind, and no one will be slowed down.
I’m really not sure, which one should I do? Part-time or full-time - Full Stack Web development?
It all depends on you and what you want to achieve, why you want to learn coding and how much time you would like to put into it.

In most cases, if you want to improve your knowledge and learn new skills for your current job, we advise you start by taking the 12 week full stack part time course. It is ideal for working people. Oh and did we mention the fees paid for the part time course gets credited in full if you ever decide to take the full stack advanced course! That’s pretty awesome.

If you would like to change your career then it might be better to get your hands dirty on the full stack advanced course where Codemaster Institute arranges internships with many developer and tech companies in Australia - launching you in your new career.
How does the internship assistance work and how can I get it?
Codemaster Institute has teamed up with leading developer and tech companies in Australia to assist in getting internships for our full stack advanced course coding students. We help you land internships - this is selective, so we expect 100% commitment! We open the door, and you have the opportunity to step inside, and make a good impression.
Internships usually lasts a few weeks, but can vary depending on the each company’s needs.
We get as many internship places as we can, but we require that you complete the full stack web development course and show 100% commitment.
How many students are in a class?
Codemaster Institute pride themselves to give all our students undivided and individual attention and resources needed to succeed, but this means our class sizes are very limited. Generally we have no more than 15 students per class. Some classes also have additional tutors, so this means you get personal attention – to help you succeed!
Will I get a certificate?
YES, you will attain a certificate at the end of the course. This is great for your resume. We strive to provide you an excellent educational experience with talented instructors and well worked out education plans. It is a career development kick-starter. This is perfect for personal or professional career development. We always encourage further study with higher education or VET institutes should you wish.
Are there any Exams in Codemaster Institute courses?
No! There are no exams. We focus on hands on, practical experience, working on real industry related projects so you are job ready when you finish. You get to “practice” your skills over and over until you master them!
How much additional time do I need to dedicate to a course outside of the classroom?
It varies for each course and from person to person. For a part time course be prepared to work hard and spend a few hours after the class or during the week to be sure you master and review what you have learned. For the full time courses, most study occur in classroom, but you may have to spend some time at our recommended networking events, or working on your extra projects all to shape your opportunities for a future career in coding!
Do you have payment plans?
We know that some of these courses are a significant financial investment, so we provide several options to ease your payment: You can pay upfront, or in 3 equal monthly instalments, or arrange finance through StudyLoans. Please contact us at accounts@codemasterinstitute.com or call 1300 663 228 to talk about payment plans and how this can work for you.
How do I pay?
You can pay via direct deposit or credit/debit card via our online payment portal. You can also do a payment on the phone so simply email accounts@codemasterinstitute.com with your contact details and they will phone you to do the payment.
Where are the classrooms located?
We have classrooms in Subiaco, Perth CBD, as well as Crawley!
Do you accept students from other countries?
We do accept international students, but we do not offer Visa’s, or housing or any other such services. We have a few international students, but they already had visas in place.
What is the application processes?
It is very simple: complete an online form, pay a small deposit and you are in! There are no interviews, but we will connect with you via email or phone call to confirm your details and make sure we answer any questions you may have. Some of our longer courses (such as the full time full stack Web Dev bootcamp) may require a career readiness interview.
What is the closing date for applications?
Space is very limited, register as soon as possible to secure your spot!
What will be covered (syllabus)?
Check out the individual program pages for more details on each course.
What spec laptop will provide the best experience?
Recommended Windows specifications
- Intel i5 CPU or equivalent
- 4Gb RAM
- 128Gb hard drive
Recommended Mac specifications:
-4Gb RAM
-128Gb hard drive
-A base model Macbook Air would be fine.
How do I know you are the real deal?
We are well known and regarded by the web and software industry around WA. Simply reach out to pretty much any Web development house such as BAM, HUMAAN, HATCHD, DOGHOUSE as well as corporates such as Unearthed, Woodside, Rio Tinto, FLUX, Spacecubed, EIT and CBDC.
What is your cancellation and refund policy?
See our Terms and Conditions for Refund details

Have any other questions? Email us at accounts@codemasterinstitute.com or call: 1300 663 228

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