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Web Design & Development Bootcamp

Course Outline

Web Design & Development
12 Weeks - Part-Time

Take a step towards becoming a Web Developer in this 12-week part-time course. Learn to make good looking websites,
emailers, and create dynamic database-driven web apps using PHP and mySQL.
This course focuses on both Front-end and Back-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Design concepts, PHP and MySQL.

12 Week Part-time Web Design & Development bootcamp where we will cover topics such as:

Front-end Design

The fundamentals of Web Development with HTML, CSS and design concepts.

User Experience and scripting

Learn JavaScript, jQuery and frameworks.

WordPress and Hosting

WordPress setup, design and web hosting concepts.

Back-End Web Server Programming

Learn the basics of PHP programming and mySQL.

Career Guidance

Career coaching and guidance in getting connected into your new industry!

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Part-time structure

Study while you work

2 Sessions / week

Consisting of intensive classroom contact sessions over 12 weeks

Perth Lecture sessions:

Saturdays Classroom: 9.30am – 1pm


Thursday evening Classroom: 5.15pm – 8.45pm

Entry requirements

No prior coding skills or knowledge is required.

Be part of something real

The best way of learning is to build something really useful, so we are going to teach you the building blocks of web development. You will be one of the rare people who can design an engaging website from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will also learn to create dynamic database-driven web apps using PHP and mySQL. PHP is one of the most widely used web scripting languages and MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. The amazing value in the course is that the skill of learning Web Development can be used to build websites and frameworks such as Facebook, WordPress and Wikipedia.

What you will master LEARNING OUTCOMES

  • - Analyse, create and demonstrate design and development of websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. -
  • - Design, develop and implement front-end and back-end frameworks. -
  • - Demonstrate competency in web programming and industry standards. -
  • - Plan and incorporate back-end development, hosting and deployment. -
  • - Conceptualise frameworks, user and industry requirements. -
  • - Understand career pathways and plan ongoing education. -


Course content may vary to suit market trends.

Design and UI HTML/CSS Javascript Back-End Programming
Agile Development Method Vision & Planning JavaScript Program design basics PHP programming
MVP Design Local Stack Variables Create a hosted environment
Content Strategy Basic Git Basic Statements, Loops, & functions Variables, data types, & statements
Wireframes & mock-ups Grids, floats, positioning, etc Arrays Forms & dynamic pages
User Experience & UI (user Interface) Forms DOM Validate user input
Responsive Design & Conversion CSS with LESS.css Visual elements and UI manipulation MySQL databases
HTML5 Bootstrap Mockups Browser Testing jQuery Visitor unique PHP web pages
^ Topics are covered in greater detail in the Full-time course.

Course Outline


The price includes:

12 Week Part time: $ 3,498 $ 2,999 (early bird) Want to study full time?

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Full Stack

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